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Papa’s Cupcakeria is one of the interesting flash games that you will surely love to play. The flash game is developed by Flipline studios. All you need to do is cook a ridiculous amount of delicious cupcakes for all your wacky customers.

The controls for the play can be performed by mouse. You need to use mouse controls to receive orders, pour gooey batter, to place trays in the oven, add frosting and decorate your cupcakes to give it a perfect look and present it to your customers. You have four stations: bake station, order station, batter station and build station.

Papa’s Cupcakeria is full of fun and to play the game is real easy. All you need to take is the customer’s order, make the cupcakes and give it to the customer. And the exciting part is, If you perform you’re your job correctly you receive a big tip.

The game is real easy to play at the beginning when you need to receive a single customer’s order in the beginning. But as the customers rise up the toughness to play starts increasing. It gets hard to deal with multiple customers at a single time.

You are allowed to make seasonal cupcakes and unlock special frosting, batter, etc. bake perfect cupcakes in town and grab points. Choose baking cups for making cup cakes, add batter, place it on the oven, watch it and lastly decorate your delicious cupcake with variety of frostings and toppings.

As your level starts rising up, you will start noticing that the season in the town of Frost field is changing as new holiday celebrations begin. So help your customers to gain the holiday spirit through seasonal changing, new furniture and with brand new sets of unlock able seasonal toppings each holiday.

Work greatly through all the holiday seasons to get access over 100 ingredients that will help you become a cupcake crafting master. The game’s graphic too is very playful. The game is very interesting and entertaining.

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